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Phase Converters


Phase-A-Matic™ phase converters have been used to change single-phase electricity into three-phase power for over 50 years. They offer high-quality rotary converters, static converters, CNC PACs, and voltage stabilizers. Choose from a large selection of models to fit your needs.  

American Rotary 

American Rotary has been making premium rotary phase converters for more than 20 years.  American Rotary provides industry leading telephone support for technical, application, and sizing questions.  American Rotary stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry.  American Rotary uses premium components to ensure that its products perform for you.  American Rotary is a UL Certified Control Panel Builder, and its rotary phase converters are available UL Listed to US and Canadian Safety Standards. American Rotary has partnered with Baldor Electric one of the world’s largest and most respected manufacturers to supply its custom-engineered idler/generators

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