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Newall Linear Encoders

Accurate, Durable, and Most Reliable Linear Feedback Encoders

Newall’s linear feedback encoders are the known for their incredible durability in even the harshest of shop conditions. Not only are they compatible with most major brands of PLC and CNC controls, but they carry an IP67 environmental rating, which means they can be fully submersed in water, oil or coolant, and still provide accurate and reliable readings.

Newall Linear Encoder Technology

Newall Linear Scales consist of high-precision nickel-chrome ball bearings inserted into a stainless steel (Sphersoyn™/SHG) or carbon fiber (Microsyn™/MHG) tube. The ball bearings are then pre-loaded against a traceable standard in a temperature-controlled environment.

Newall Reader Heads are made up of a series of coil assemblies along with supporting electronics. The reader head cavity is filled with an epoxy resin to fully encapsulate and protect the electronic circuitry.

How Do They Work?

Newall Spherosyn and Microsyn encoders operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. A 10kHz sinusoidal current is induced through a single drive coil within the reader head that generates an electromagnetic field. This field interacts with the nickel chrome precision balls contained in the scale.

A set of four pickup coils detect variations in the induced field that are then combined and processed by the electronic circuitry to generate a signal that varies as the head moves along the scale. Depending on the position of the reader head as it passes over each ball, the phase shift of this pickup signal relative to the drive signal will vary between 0 and 360 degrees.

The Newall Advantage

  • IP67 rating (NEMA Type 6) Fully submersible
  • Withstands dust, dirt, oil and other harsh environmental conditions
  • No mechanical wear characteristics
  • Requires no cleaning or maintenance
  • High tolerance to shock and vibration
  • Easy installation - No backer bar or machined surface required

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